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What is image compression ?

The images you design in tools like Illustrator and Photoshop look very good but often the file sizes are very big. This is because the images are made in a format which makes them easier to manipulate in different ways.

With file sizes upwards of a couple of megabytes per image, if you set these files on your website or app it would be very slow to load and you pagesize also incresed.

Optimizing your images for the web means compiling or saving your images in a web & app friendly format depending on what it contains.

Images hold byte other than just the pixels we see on the our screen. This byte can add unnecessary size to the image which leads to very longer load times as the user waits for the image to download.

In terms of cost versus benefit optimizing your images should be near the top of your web speed optimizations if you don't have them optimized image already.

Why is image optimization important?

The main reason why it is so important to compress your images is because 90% of most websites and app are image dependent and therefore there are a lot of image like png,jpeg,gif,jpg files. Leaving these images unoptimized and in the wrong format can drastically slow down your website and app load times.

About: Optimizepic | Free Image Optimizer

Optimizepic is world's fastest image compressor tool which uses latest technology to compress size of your files without compromising with quality. This is an online facility made available to common people. Optimization is free of cost as we aim to reach maximum number of people. Optimizepic is a public platform available worldwide for optimum quality image compression.

Optimizepic uses a latest technology & lossy tool program to optimize PNG and JPEG images to the minimum size while keeping the quality of images.